If you want to apply Diasec® in your company yourself...

...we can help you with the process of acquiring your license.

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Since 2009 the sister company of Wilcovak: Diasec-Support bv is the exclusive training centre for the Diasec® process. The training system is setup to support Diasec Sovilla S.A. in Switzerland, as the provider of Diasec® licenses. Diasec-Support makes it possible to obtain a Diasec® license worldwide, but only in countries where no licenses were granted before.

Applying Diasec in your company has interesting advantages:

For the USA and Canada there are dedicated websites as we are setting up a Diasec dealer system in North America.

diasec-usa.com    Diasec Canada

You can check the Official Diasec Website for the list of official registered licensed companies.

The countries where official licensee are settled is displayed here:

If you are interested in a Diasec® license, you can contact Diasec-Support by e-mail.

Please check that you are not settled in one of the countries displayed above.

More information about the Diasec® process can be found on www.diasec.nl

You can also reach us by phone +31 528 236 846


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