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What is Diasec?

Diasec® is the original since 1969!

Diasec® is the process of gluing of photos with the image side behind plexiglass. To rear side a sheet of dibond is mounted behind the Diasec® panel and finally the entire panel is finished off with a suspension aluminium frame or fixed in a (handmade) frame.

Many users choose Diasec® for its sleek design, which they find fitting for their work. Diasec® also functions as protection of the image material against air pollution, premature aging and to a high degree against UV radiation.

More info about Diasec®…

No fairy tale: the original!

1969 is the year of the invention of photo gluing with Plexiglas.

The Swiss chemist Heinz Sovilla invented this special method of preservation. He developed a method of protecting photographic materials with plexiglass. He called it Diasec® and registered the trademark worldwide. The process has been issued under license to about 15 companies worldwide who have jointly developed it into the highest quality bonding system to acrylic.

Properties of Diasec®
Diasec® has only positive properties:

  • high-contrast thanks to high-gloss acrylic and brilliant colour reproduction
  • perfect reproduction without bubbles and dust
  • colour depth
  • clearer reproduction due to less refraction of light (no air layer between the glass and the photograph)
  • safe for your images (no heating required)
  • sharp, detailed reproduction and high saturation
  • durable under optimal conditions
  • built-in UV filter
  • various versions, such as high gloss, TruLife, anti-reflex and anti-static museum glass (anti-scratch)
Video: Canson Infinity in cooperation with Diasec®

The different materials

Various materials are possible for Diasec®. Do you want high gloss or an anti-reflective finish on the front? You can choose from:

  • high gloss in 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm (other thicknesses on request)
  • anti-reflex 2 mm
  • Anti-scratch in 3 mm (high gloss, scratch-free and anti-static)
  • TruLife in 3 mm (high gloss and non-reflective like museum glass)

The maximum formats of the different materials are:

(please note that the print width is max. 160 cm)

  • high gloss 200 x 600 cm (max. format is thickness related)
  • anti-reflex: 200 x 300 cm
  • anti-scratch: 200 x 300 cm
  • TruLife 3.0 mm thickness up to 152 x 305 cm

Image side
For the finishing of the front side you can choose between high gloss acrylate or anti-scratch acrylate.
The effect of high gloss speaks for itself. The high gloss finish of the plexiglass creates an unprecedentedly clear image.
High gloss comes in the normal version, in addition there is an Anti-Scratch version and recently there has been a high gloss Non-Glare Trulife®. Plexiglas with a museum anti-reflective coating.
Antireflex is matt, non-reflective acrylic. It has an even more beautiful satin structure than a matte photo print. Naturally, this type of acrylic also ensures a razor-sharp reproduction of the image.
As standard, we work with acrylic thicknesses of 2, 3 and 4 mm.
Other thicknesses are available on request: for example 5, 8 or 10 mm, up to a maximum of 25 mm.

We recommend dibond as a backing. We use 2, 3 or 4 mm as standard for this. For a museum image of your work, we recommend 3 mm acrylic and 4 mm dibond.

Hanging your work
To hang the work, we mount an aluminium U-profile around the back.
You can also hang your Diasec® panel on the wall in one of our frames.
Go to delivering photos for Diasec®.
Contour cutting and milling
With our CNC milling machine, we can cut and mill your work into all kinds of shapes. These can be circles, ovals, stars, but also company logos, letters and other free-standing shapes. Please ask us about the possibilities.
Exclusive licence
As the exclusive licensee in the Netherlands, Wilcovak receives the special raw materials for the Diasec® process from Switzerland. The quality of this process has proven itself over the past 45 years. Together with our fellow licence holders (worldwide see the special website diasec.com), we keep the quality of Diasec® at a high level. Read more about the origin of Diasec®.
Brand name
Diasec® is a leader in quality in the art sector. No other system for bonding images to Plexiglas has more authenticity. In order to maintain the quality level, protection of the brand name is very important to us.
Prices of Diasec®

We work fully customised. Do you want a quote? Fill in the form for your customised work.


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