Block frame

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Block frame

Also see our box frames and display frames.
A wooden frame at the back of a Diasec panel or a ChromaLuxe panel that is mounted flush to the edge of the artwork. Subsequently we spray the wood along with the Diasec® side in color. See picture.

So with ChromaLuxe we can also mount a box frame but it is not possible to spraypaint the aluminium edge, as adhesion of the paint to the Chromaluxe aluminum edge is insufficient.


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Great service. Superb printing and finishing work. Very professional and extremely friendly!

Minerva Academy Groningen

The highest quality prints, lots of personal attention, a super team to work with!

Hans Wientjens


Top quality and a warm and super knowledgeable team. I have had my work printed and framed in various places in the world and no one has ever been able to match the quality of Wilcovak!

Marcel Luit