Photo art on aluminium

What is ChromaLuxe?

Photo art on aluminium

Wilcovak is a Certified PLUS Lab since October 2020.

“Wilcovak works with professionals, high-quality materials and machines. The people are the connecting factor between design and implementation”.

ChromaLuxe is called HD-metal by some. It is the latest technique in the field of photo and art processing. The result is a photo on aluminium, where the deep blacks and saturated colours exceed every expectation.

You only believe the result can when you see it. The high gloss surface is highly scratch and moisture resistant. Together with archival Epson inks a highly durable work of art is created.

ChromaLuxe is by far the best in this technique. HD-metal elsewhere is therefore not always ChromaLuxe.

Want to know more about ChromaLuxe?

Largest ChromaLuxe in Europe!
We have the largest ChromaLuxe heat press available in Europe. This means that we are the right place for both large and small works of art. The maximum size we can produce is 122 x 244 cm.
Properties ChromaLuxe®
ChromaLuxe is a photo printed on aluminium by dye sublimation. The product stands for clarity and vibrancy of photos on printed materials. The ink is applied to the coated top layer of aluminium by means of sublimation. The ink is transferred into the coating at a high temperature and under high pressure.

ChromaLuxe is a brand name of Universal Woods. Meanwhile, ChromaLuxe has become a well-known top product in many countries of the world.

Customization: free choice of size
Of course, you can find other suppliers of ChromaLuxe and so-called HD-metal. These often work with standard formats and you do not have a free choice of your desired format.

Just as we distinguish ourselves on quality and customization within Diasec, we have also managed to make this possible for our ChromaLuxe range. You can request every conceivable ratio from us, down to the last millimetre. We can also finish off your ChromaLuxe work of art completely by framing it or sticking it on.

Lifespan of ChromaLuxe®
To be gallery and even museum worthy, you want to be assured of longevity with a piece of art. With ChromaLuxe, you have that assurance. Henry Wilhelm in his leading laboratory Wilhelm Imaging Research has given ChromaLuxe a benchmark of no less than 65 years. This means that only minor color changes can occur after 65 years.
Prices ChromaLuxe®
Would you like more information about the prices and possibilities of ChromaLuxe? Our team is at your disposal to advise you personally about the possibilities and to draw up a personalised offer without obligation for you. Get in touch here.
Why Wilcovak?
At Wilcovak, we understand better than anyone how important it is to finish a work of art the way the client wants it. That is why we do not work with standard sizes, but with customized work.

Each work of art must also be finished in its own way. You can choose from gloss, semi-gloss and matt. There are also many options when it comes to choosing frames, box frames, block frames, etc. Because there are so many choices in different finishes, we play an advisory role in the selection process of each customer.

Before we start finishing your artwork, we always provide a test strip for ChromaLuxe. This is seen as a service in order to confirm the order.

Own transport service. Very safe, no discussions.
Wilcovak has its own transport service. Two or three times a week, we drive all over the Netherlands to deliver our work right to your doorstep.

Read more about this service.


The finishing of your work of art

It is very important that your work of art looks the way you want it to. That is why it is possible for us to choose a finishing option that consists of fully customized work.

The finishing of your work of art

It is very important that your work of art looks the way you want it to. That is why it is possible for us to choose a finishing option that consists of fully customized work.


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Everything under one roof


Museum quality

Our own transport service


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Great service. Superb printing and finishing work. Very professional and extremely friendly!

Minerva Academy Groningen

The highest quality prints, lots of personal attention, a super team to work with!

Hans Wientjens


Top quality and a warm and super knowledgeable team. I have had my work printed and framed in various places in the world and no one has ever been able to match the quality of Wilcovak!

Marcel Luit