Anti Scratch

An improved solution: scratch resistant plexiglass…

Diasec® Anti Scratch

For some time now, there has been plexiglass available with increased scratch resistance.

This acrylic has a coating that is particularly resistant to wear and chemicals: this material has a hard robust top layer. The excellent optical properties of plexiglass are retained.

Naturally, we have tested this material extensively. It can be processed excellently with the Diasec® process and thus offers an advantage to all Diasec® users.

  • Less chance of damage
  • During exhibitions, less chance of scratches caused by inattentive passing public
  • Less or no scratches caused by incorrect cleaning: polishing too hard
  • Resistant to almost all chemicals
  • Of course, this material also offers the extraordinarily high UV protection of over 90%.

Available in 3 mm high gloss up to 3 metres long.


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