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TruLifeTM: non-glare acrylic glass with the highest brilliance

TruLifeTM offers a very high degree of UV protection.

TruVue® is known for its Museumglass® for framing. For some time, this has also been available as Optium Acrylic Plexiglas and now also as TruLifeTM for Diasec®, because the material is coated on one side for this. The uncoated side is therefore suitable for the liquid Diasec® adhesive.

Unique combination.
Diasec® processors recommend TruLifeTM as preferred medium. Because the image is glued in contact with the plexiglass, there is already a major advantage over traditional framing. Combining TruLifeTM with Diasec® creates an image that is even more brilliant than you were used to.

Maximum size:

  • TruLifeTM 3.0 mm thickness up to 150 x 303 cm

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Great service. Superb printing and finishing work. Very professional and extremely friendly!

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