Photo art on aluminium

The finishing of your ChromaLuxe art work.

It is very important that the appearance of your art work comes out the way you want it. That is why we make it possible to choose a finishing option that consists of complete customization.

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The corners of your art work.
Do you want straight or rounded corners? Both options are possible. Your ChromaLuxe can be finished as desired, with both straight and rounded corners.
The largest format ChromaLuxe in Europe,
In order not to limit you as a customer regarding the size of your art work, Wilcovak has chosen to purchase the largest ChromaLuxe press. You can come to us for a ChromaLuxe panel in one piece of no less than 123 x 245 cm.
Glossy or matte finish.
Each photo or art work requires a different finish. One representation is more suitable for a glossy finish, while the other is better with a matte finish. Another option is a semi-gloss finish.
Hanging systems
The ChromaLuxe photo panels are light and can be mounted floating on the wall. You can choose from several types of suspension strips or frames.
Handmade frames
To complete your photo panel, you can choose from different types of frames. You can choose from our hand-made frames or our standard frames. Both are of superior quality, and it offers options for every budget.

You can choose from a box frame, block frame, display frame and profile frame.

Tailored advice for finishing and presentation of ChromaLuxe panels
There are many options for finishing your ChromaLuxe photo panel. Not sure which finish is the best for your art work? Let one of our employees advise you. Or visit our showroom.
In addition to all these options, ChromaLuxe offers:
  • Extremely durable and scratch-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Moisture resistant so suitable for outside
  • Stainless
  • Brilliant and rich colours
  • Depth and shine
  • 1mm lightweight
  • Color fastness of 65+ years


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Great service. Superb printing and finishing work. Very professional and extremely friendly!

Minerva Academy Groningen

The highest quality prints, lots of personal attention, a super team to work with!

Hans Wientjens


Top quality and a warm and super knowledgeable team. I have had my work printed and framed in various places in the world and no one has ever been able to match the quality of Wilcovak!

Marcel Luit