Marcel van Luit

Marcel van Luit is rapidly conquering his place in the art scene with his imaginative images.

After the birth of his eldest son, Marcel started to visualize the beautiful view of the lives of his children.

Imagination is in all of us. It is a powerful means of escaping from emptiness and negativity. Children have such an innocent, beautiful and pure view of the world around them. There is still little distinction between reality and fantasy and nothing is impossible in this regard.

While Marcel tried to see the world through the eyes of his child, he also rediscovered his own imagination. This gave him infinite inspiration to create images and worlds that he himself would like to step into. A world where dark and light can coexist peacefully.

Beauty is not only in the light. An insane amount of beauty can also arise from the dark. As long as you can continue to wonder, fantasize and imagine.