The team

The Wilcovak team introduces itself

Erik Stoffers


Erik and Sandra together form the management of Wilcovak.

Erik is the one to whom you can put all your creative and technical questions, because he is qualified as a photographer. He completed the intermediate technical school for Photography & Photonics in The Hague in 1988. Since then he has been at the service of image-makers. For 13 years, he has gained experience at various photography laboratories in Amsterdam. Known territory where Wilcovak makes 2 rounds a week for pickups and deliveries, besides many other cities in the country were artists and galleries are settled.

From 1988 on Erik worked at Souverein where he started with analogue hand enlargements in the darkroom, but soon in the largest darkroom in the world, with an exposure wall of 2 x 11 meters, then as operator on the first digital Lambda illuminator in the Netherlands.

The profession of photographer and photo printing holds no secrets for him. After his departure to Wilcovak in 2001, he has not left his Amsterdam network behind, on the contrary, it has only expanded. Many former employers and colleagues are still customers at Wilcovak.

After a few years of developing into an entrepreneur and Diasec specialist, a whole new world has opened up. Since 2009, Diasec-Support BV is the Diasec knowledge and training centre worldwide. Many companies have been trained by him in this unique technique.