The team

The Wilcovak team introduces itself

Erik Stoffers


Erik and Sandra jointly assume the role of Wilcovak’s management team.

Erik is the designated contact person for both creative and technical issues at Wilcovak. As a qualified photographer at the MTS for Photography & Photonics in The Hague, he then worked for 13 years in various photography laboratories in Amsterdam, which is closely related to Wilcovak’s field of activity. Being the first Lambda operator of Dutch print specialists makes him valuable to Wilcovak since he joined in 2001. He has expanded his network in Amsterdam and retains former employers and colleagues as valued clients.

After several years as a Diasec specialist, Wilcovak bv opened Diasec-Support BV in 2009, which has become a leading knowledge and training centre for Diasec worldwide. Erik has helped numerous companies understand this special mounting technique which promoted craftsmanship in the sector.